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Know within minutes if a candidate is interested, easy to use, just respond to the email

Job Seekers

Pursue leads that you know you're interested in! Stop the 5 am phone calls for postions that you don't even want!


Saves time, money, and effort for everybody!

What Is MyRecruiterShield?

My Recruiter Shield is an automated service that provides Job Seekers a way to screen both recruiters and job offers.

These days recruiting is done by keyword searches of resume databases. Unfortunately and to the aggravation of every job seeker, for a lot recruitment companies that’s the limit of their candidate evaluation process. In response to this reality, MyRecruiterShield was designed to give job seekers relief from recruiter spam.

Job Seekers

If you've ever wondered, "Why am I getting calls for positions on the other side of the country?!?", this software is for you.
If you've ever gotten a call about a position unrelated to your skill set listed in your resume, this software is for you.
If you've ever gotten a call about a position with an insultingly low pay rate, this software is for you.


If you've ever played phone tag with a candidate for days only to find out they're not interested, this software is for you.
If you've ever gone through the whole screening process with a candidate only to find out you can't agree on pay, this software is for you.
If you've ever had a perfect fit candidate decline because you called at an inopportune time, this software is for you.

How Does it work?

MyRecruiterShield uses the concept of private and public email and phone numbers. Direct contact details of the Job Seeker are kept private and only presented to the recruiters if the Job Seeker approves it.

Recruiters that call or e-mail the public contact details for the Job Seeker and are screened by software using voice recognition and proprietary algorithms developed from analysis of the responses recruiters have provided.

Those responses are then compared to the requirements the Job Seeker has set in MyRecruiterShield.

If the position meets the Job Seeker's requirements, the Job Seeker is sent an email with the responses the recruiter gave. And depending on the Job Seeker's settings in MyRecruiterShield, the Job Seeker can chosen to be fowarded the call to their direct line; the recruiter be given the Job Seekers direct contact details; or the recruiter will receive a message saying they've passed screening and will be contacted by the job seeker shortly.

If the position does not meet the users requirements, the recruiter is politely notified that Job Seeker is not interested in the position.

Test it out for yourself

Try it for yourself with the test account.
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username = demo@demo.com, password = Demo01!
try the email screening by sending an email to mrstesta007@gmail.com
Call +1 (503) 505-6573 to try the phone integration.
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Our current list of services:

Our complete list can be found on our Development Blog

Transactional Call Logs

With Phone Reporting we have transactional logs with audio recordings of the screening responses. These recordings are playable in any browser including mobile devices.

Custom Voice Introduction

We're proud to offer a really sweet feature. Based on feedback from Job Seekers and Recruiters, We've added the ability for Job Seekers to record an introduction message using their computer's microphone, or some mobile devices. This message will be played when someone calls the phone number assigned to the Job Seekers account prior to screening.

Email Notifications

Anytime a phone call is received an email is sent to the corresponding individual's private email address. This includes links to individual recordings of each screening response that can also be played on mobile devices.

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