My Recruiter Shield Development Blog

MyRecruiterShields' Development blog. Highlighting where we are, and where we're going.

Welcome to the development blog, where we harp on about all the technical mumbo jumbo and features in the release pipeline.

Completed Features

Streamlined Phone System, New Screening questions and updated logic

After doing an analysis of the responses from recruiters, we've adjusted our questionaire for both the phone and email systems, and optimized our response handling logic.

Custom Voice Introduction

We're proud to offer a really sweet feature. Based on feedback from JobSeekers and Recruiters, We've added the ability for Jobseekers to record an audio introduction message. This message will be played when someone calls the phone number assigned to the jobseekers account prior to screening.

Currently Employed (afk) Mode

Added a feature for currently employed users that will reject calls and emails with a simple message saying i'm currently not in the market. So when you start a new gig you can stop those embarrasing recruiter phonecalls on your first day of work.


Added some real sweet functionality that allows the user to specify how successfully screened phonecalls are handled, we now provide the options of giving the recruiter your direct phone number, transfering the call after successful screening, and the default which is user has been notified and will call you back.

Transactional Call Logs

With Phone Reporting we have transactional logs with with audio recordings of the screening responses. These recordings are playable in any browser including mobile. The voice recognition transcription results are shown in addition to the value MyRecruiterShield uses to compare it to the individual user's mimimum requirements.

Dynamic Reporting Graphs

Email results can be reviewed using our dynamic reporting graphs. Custom refiners allow searching for emails in a specific time period, email address, company, etc.

Email Notifications

Anytime a phone call is recieved an email is sent to the corresponding individuals private email address. This includes links to indiviual recordings of each screening response that can also be played on mobile devices.

New Features in the pipeline

Customized reply messages
Custom Questions
Submission Tracking