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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

We provide both e-mail and phone based automated screening services for job seekers. We do this to optomize the whole job search process.

E-mail screening service

Our software monitors an email account for new incoming emails, when a new email is recieved MyRecruiterShield respond to it with a questionnaire asking details about the position. When a response is received we compare those values against the requirements sets in our system.
If the position matches what the user is looking for, we send a mail to the user's private email address with the answers, including the contact name, email and phone number. Allowing the user to follow up instantly.
If the position doesn’t meet the user's needs, we send a reply back to the sender that the user is not interested and to please try again if a new position becomes available.

Phone screening service

The phone service works in a similar manner, only we use voice recognition technology to understand the responses, and because voice recognition isn’t perfect, as a backup, we provide voice recordings of the answers that can be listened to on our website.

Why do I have to create a second email account?

Two Reasons, Simply put we respect your privacy and have no interest in collecting your personal email correspondance. Secondly if we didn't use a separate email address, how would we notify you when someone completed screening?

What happens if a recruiter doesn't answer the screening questions correctly?

  • Great question. The answer is a long one because we handle this in a multitude of ways.
  • 1. We've spent a large amount of time redesigning and improving our question template to make it easily understood.
  • 2. We immediately send an Oops email and include a sample response on how we expect the form to be filled out.
  • 3. We also log the responses given to our database. Every few months we take the responses we didn't understand and use them to update our algorithms. (140 new cases added last time around)
  • 4. And lastly thinking critically; There is such a thing as a bad recruiter; If a recruiter doesn't take the effort required to give you the details of a position, or is incapable of filling out a form correctly when given an example, is that really someone you want representing you?